Contact Centre - Digital Hub 2.0

The Internet has transformed the way brands are communicating with their customers in today’s times. Market trends and industry facts clearly show that there is whopping growth in digital communication. Keeping a futuristic and pragmatic approach; It is time to break your digital channels out of their silos to provide real omnichannel experiences with an innovative blend.

Service Assurance
– Service STABILITY through knowledge channeling and management
– Service SCALABILITY by expanding customer touchpoints 

Market Demand
– Keeping pace and tweaking with NEW BREED of customers
– Constant INNOVATION to be ahead of competitors 

Cost Efficiency
– Adoption of LEAN concept through extensive self-care option
– Personalized service for EXCLUSIVE customers

Create an eco-system which will allow customers to interact, transact and express themselves freely.
Provide a seamless experience to customers irrespective of which
channel/channels they choose.
Be visible where customers are present; allowing them to connect
with brands anytime and all the time.

Author – Saurabh Burman

Specialist AI & RPA VIS Global


Saurabh is a seasoned Business Analyst, having strong business acumen with proven record of implementing RPA, BI CRM Automation and Digital Communication Solutions across industries. He has spent more than 19 years in diverse management positions in companies like Reliance Communications, Virgin Mobile, MTS and Samsung India leading projects related to innovation in Customer Care Management, Self-Service Enhancement and Business Process Efficiency. Saurabh joined VIS Global in 2019, a technology services company, to drive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives. If you are interested in discussing these challenges and the way forward, you can get in touch with Saurabh at



Chatbots are the future of self-service. Chatbots enhances automated chat conversations by providing information in a speedy, efficient, and cost-effective manner. It can be deployed at any point in the customer journey.



Chatbots help improves resource utilization as they do not need
any human intervention. However, if the chatbot is unable to answer a customer inquiry, the chat session can be immediately transferred to a live agent for assistance. Furthermore, it can be integrated with any third-party social media applications like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Telegram etc.


Visual Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)


Interacting with an interactive voice response system (IVR) with a long list of options does not provide a great customer experience.


Now with the latest cutting-edge technology, IVR options can visually appear on any mobile device with a screen. It makes customers more connected, provides convenience to customers, and reduces cost
for the organization as no live agents are involved.

Email Management Solution (EMS)


Volume is the leading indicator of the need for change from an individual email client based response solution to and Email Management Solution (EMS). As volumes grow, contact centres usually have to add more agents to the team. As a result, coordination and tracking become extremely difficult without the right tools. EMS will help streamline and automate the process of categorizing and routing emails to the right agent.

EMS will further allow you to maintain complete interaction history for each customer, as well as associated related emails as a single case.

Some customers prefer text over voice and find it more convenient. Through Automation, you can establish a two-way communication using SMS/text channel. The contact centre sends out a text notification, and customers can respond to the same text. This service can be enabled on toll-free numbers as well.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Create smarter, more intuitive interactions that will improve customer satisfaction. AI solutions enhance human decision-making, simplify operations, and automate processes.

Sentiment Analysis – Know what your customer thinks! Capture customer sentiments before they are buried down. By using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, brands can extract sentiments on a real-time basis with a unique combination of statistical and linguistic modeling. Brands can engage better, identify issues and spot trends before they balloon into more significant concerns

Voice Biometrics – Voiceprint identification allows businesses to use customer voice as an authentication mechanism. Call centers can now provide personalized and expedited interactions. This functionality can be used in IVR and live agent interactions, inbound and outbound, throughout the customer journey cycle. Furthermore, this can result in a lower cost of service and reduced business liability.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Automate business processes by developing tools that could analyze and improve customer engagement, customer experience, and increase business productivity. RPA eliminates the possibility of human error by logging every step with consistency and accuracy. Working with BOTs speeds up completion of operational processes without a break resulting in
quick services to customer.

Cognitive Analytics
Cognitive Analytics will provide a 3600 view of customer’s journey which will help shape strategic planning, product development and process improvements throughout the organization

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