Cloud adoption for contact centres is rapidly evolving, and with a growing customer base, it is important to modernise your existing contact centre technology for better management of customer experiences. Empower your employees with insights, explore new customer channels and create seamless customer experiences across all your contact centre touch points. Some of our leading customer experience and contact centre solution providers include – Avaya, Nice, Geomant, Talkdesk, Calabrio etc.


Offers different communication channels (1)

Offers consistent multi-channel capabilities by integrating email, social media, messaging, web chat, and mobile apps

Enables effective communication

Enables effective communication across the organisation by connecting every channel & device

Brings significant

Brings significant experience in management and deployment


We simplify the customer experience management in your organisation’s contact centre by closely aligning the processes, functions, and resources. With the power of AI, we help connect all the channels. We also empower your employees to communicate better, be more proactive and deliver tailored customer experiences with the help of our 24/7 skilled support team. Our wide range of contact centre management and optimisation services include:


CX in Management (IVR)

Modernise your customer-centric contact centre and empower your employees to deliver exceptional customer journey experiences.

  • Design, build, run & optimise contact centres and customer experience (CX) solutions
  • IVR applications automatically greet callers and let them self-serve their requests


Call Centre

Solve your customer service challenges and deploy contact centres by using best practices, tools and robust implementation processes.

  • Our skilled managed services team operates 24x7 and has experience working for leading contact centres
  • Empower your workforce
    with AI-powered integrated desktops, virtual assistants, real-time data, instant reporting and more


Outbound Dialers

Provide exceptional behavioural pairing capabilities for outbound dialling and digital notifications with the power of Al in the contact centre.

  • Make outgoing calls to customers and prospects in a smarter way for your sales, collections, surveys, research, fundraising and proactive customer notifications
  • Integrate predictive dialers
    with CRM applications to
    make them more effective


Custom Application Development

Offer a suite of software applications to your employees to smartly run your call centre operations and elevate customer experiences.

  • Provide omnichannel routing and experience management that enables better interactions between agents and customers
  • Benefit with pre-defined CRM integrations and UCaaS integrations which provide a complete call centre software solution


Analytics & Reporting

Enhance every experience across the organisation with the help of powerful tools for performance analytics and reporting.

  • Plan ahead by gaining real-time insights and providing prompts to employees
  • Improve experiences with speech and text analytics
  • Get access to unified reporting and real-time dashboards


Voice Biometrics

Provide superior customer experience by identifying and leveraging the unique voice of every customer.

  • Produce unique identification for every speaker using voice patterns and behavioural factors like pronunciation, emphasis, speed, accent and sound
  • Authenticate your customers securely in real-time


Recording/Logger Applications

Capture and process a customer’s voice and digital interactions with automatic recording capability.

  • Gain intelligence from recorded interactions and improve experiences
  • Voice-to-text transcription tools help to prompt employees with
    the right words in real-time


Workforce Management & QM

Manage your employees better by empowering them with the best tools and practices.

  • Bring all important information from different systems into a single screen
  • Monitor employee performance management, forecast staffing needs and optimise agent schedules


Agent Desktop Applications

Plan better by bringing all your important information to one place.

  • Personalised integrated desktop enables you to include meetings, schedules, training, customer information and more from different systems onto a single screen
  • Digital desktop enables you to customise voice and avoid swapping screens