With the growing popularity of smartphone usage and voice-enabled personal assistants, customers today prefer time-saving and hassle-free interactions through a conversational interface. Get an insight into customer journeys and enhance customer experiences extensively with Intelligent Automation – a combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies. With the power of Al and RPA, we help you accelerate digital transformation, CX testing and streamline business process automation in your organisation. We also help in boosting automation in various sectors like – Banking, Telecom, Healthcare, Technology, Public sectors, Life Sciences etc.



Personalises customer experiences


Increases efficiency


Enhances employee engagement


We help you automate your business processes, determine new automation ideas and amplify ROI. We enable enterprises to create seamless customer experiences with the help of AI-powered connections. Streamline the repetitive rule-based tasks and empower your employees to focus on more complex and skilful tasks. Enable your customers to save valuable time with automated self-service.


CX Test Automation

Ensure flawless customer journeys with end-to-end testing and production monitoring through an automated CX test platform.

  • Pinpoint voice quality issues, check the carrier connectivity, and toll-free number routing with global in-country dialling
  • Fast-track customer-experience testing and ensure seamless customer journeys

conversational ai

Conversational AI

Provide your customers with a conversational interface that is prompt, easy to use and also has automated self-service features.

  • Provide enhanced customised service across multiple channels and languages
  • Build customer trust with agent verification process
  • Boost self-service with an intelligent AI-driven virtual assistant


Robotic Process Automation

Create outstanding customer experiences, streamline operations, and automate business processes end-to-end in your contact centre with the power of Al and RPA.

  • Cut down on the operational barriers by connecting the front- or back-office operations
  • Speed up digital transformation
    and boost automation across the workforce