EX is proving to be the X Factor in business

EX or employee experience, put simply, is how employees feel while working with an organisation. This is determined by a cumulative set of factors that may be subjective but nonetheless critical in deciding whether they stay or leave.
Successful CEOs have realised that there is great value in a superior EX. If they want to take their organisations to greater heights, then they need a team of committed and contented employees to execute that vision.
With the Covid 19 pandemic changing work dynamics drastically, employees are struggling to fulfill their professional responsibilities amidst a host of challenges. There isn’t a better time to get cracking on your EX plans, if you want your employees to continue working with you in the long run.
Why is EX superior?

Taking those calls

  • It decides whether you can draw and retain the best talent in the industry.
  • It differentiates you from your competitors as an empathetic brand with a people-first approach
  • It increases your brand goodwill and loyalty among employees, customers and stakeholders.

How to improve EX?

Make it easy to work with you:

A growing organisation with clear-cut goals broken down into specific targets, equipped with the necessary infrastructure and resources to help people do their jobs is the kind of organisation people want to belong to. With basics in place, they are more likely to give their best.

Simplify and streamline:

Take a hard look at your current functions and processes. Are they unnecessarily layered and complicated causing delays and overlaps? If you want high-performing employees, then simplify structures and operations where necessary, to ensure that they are able to deliver productive output with minimum hassle.

Culture matters more than you think:

Studies show that more than anything, employees leave companies because of toxic organisational cultures, petty politics and unhealthy work environments. People need to feel accepted and respected to express their opinions, interact freely and develop ties with their colleagues.

Give and take feedback:

The modern-day employee would much rather take feedback on their chins, learn and grow than trudge ignorantly on their own unaware of the mistakes they are making or the ways to improve. Similarly, they appreciate working with leadership teams who encourage dialogue by listening to their side of the story and resolving their issues

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