How to make remote working more enjoyable for your employees

Working from home has become a reality of life for employees all across the world. It hasn’t been easy, with a huge number of people admitting that they are constantly overwhelmed and stressed. Forbes quotes data from Mental Health America where 75% people working from home have reported alarming levels of burnout.
Being a concerned and responsible employer, there are ways in which you can make remote working a little better for your employees. Here are some of them:
Touchbase more often
As a leader, you can always be accessible even when physically absent. The usual sit-downs with your employees may not be possible anymore, but it’s still important to listen to them. Make virtual meet-up sessions with your team mandatory to not just solve issues but to appreciate the efforts of your people in these tough times.

Foster the team feeling

As you connect with them more, make sure your employees connect with each other too. In isolated work environments, people need to feel they belong. Technology like UCaaS can help you bring together all your employees together on one platform so that they can interact seamlessly.

Make it fun

Commuting to office may have stopped but office parties don’t need to! Today’s communication solutions come packed with innovative features to create the perfect fun atmosphere. There are exciting suggestions galore on the internet that you can look up as well.

Get creative with feedback

Delivering feedback to their team is a sensitive area many managers struggle with, even under normal circumstances. One needs to be able to teach and correct without appearing critical or negative. It is even more complicated when working remotely. Mastering the art of virtual feedback has become more important than ever. As a business owner, explore the potential of tools and technology like real-time monitoring, to streamline feedback processes.

Trust and let go

Last but not least, curb the urge to micromanage your employees. When working remotely, it is but natural to keep checking on their productivity, but if you have clearly cut goals and deliverables assigned to them, trust that the job will be done. It is a tremendous boost to your team’s morale to know that you have confidence in them.

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