UCaaS - The next big thing in enterprise communications

If the current trend of business operations in the wake of the pandemic has made one thing evident,then it is the need for a unified business communications platform to ensure seamless connectivity across locations and departments. Many business owners therefore are fast-tracking their future intention of exploring a solution like UCaaS overnight, in a bid to keep up with the changing times.

What exactly is UCaaS?

  • ‘Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a cloud-delivered unified communications model that supports six communications functions:
  • Enterprise telephony
  • Meetings (audio/video/web conferencing)
  • Unified messaging
  • Instant messaging and presence (personal and team)
  • Mobility
  • Communications-enabled business processes’


In other words, UCaaS combines voice, video and messaging solutions to provide one holistic centralized cloud-based communications platform.

How does it work?

UCaaS has shifted enterprise communications from on-premise traditional set-ups to the cloud, promoting the rise of vendors who specialize in providing the service. Good vendors rely on their own expertise, form partnerships where necessary- especially when deploying third party servers or APIs, and take into consideration your existing communication technology before designing the customized package of UCaaS features that is best for you.

Benefits of UCaaS :

Cost-effective: Being a cloud-based solution, you no longer have to spend on hardware and only have to pay a per user rate, reducing communication costs drastically.

Unified Approach: With UCaaS, you are able to integrate all your multiple communication channels on to a single unified platform, thereby providing seamless connectivity between all stakeholders.

Greater flexibility: As remote working becomes the norm for more and more companies across the world, UCaaS ensures that it is business as usual no matter where your employees and customers are based.

Better Security: In an age where data and information security have become more crucial than ever, UCaaS provides peace of mind by placing security right at the centre of its communication strategies and technology.

More Scalable: UCaaS does away with the hassles of adding and removing hardware, making it easier to adapt your communications system with the changing needs of your business.


As a business owner trying to ensure productivity and revenue while delivering value to your customers in a world that is in an unprecedented flux right now, UCaaS may turn out to be more resourceful for your business than you had previously imagined.


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