Gamification in business - Not just fun and games

If there is one thing Human Resources departments across the world continue to grapple with, it is the matter of enhancing employee engagement. A lot of it involves an understanding of human behaviour and psychology, and their impact on the overall productivity of a business. It may be difficult to quantify every single behavioural trigger that encourages or demotivates employees, but there is one key truth about human nature that business owners have found to be instrumental in boosting workforce morale- viz, the sense of gratification people derive from appreciation. Technology has proved to be of great benefit here, by providing innovative means and methods to demonstrate appreciation through gamification.

What exactly is gamification?

Gamification comprises a plethora of interactive tools and resources like quizzes, games and modules that track, showcase and recognise employee contribution in business. It highlights individual performances, incentivises top contributors and stokes the desire to excel.

How does gamification work?

Gamification works in a two-pronged manner in case of employers and employees.

The employee angle:

Instant gratification- Games and quizzes unleash the inner child in employees as they delight in the points, rewards and bonuses they receive on winning. Rekindles joy- Gamification makes work fun and brings back the lost sense of joy that people experienced when they began their jobs. Fosters healthy competition- Leaderboards displaying everyone’s scores and performances openly cultivate an environment of healthy competition that inspire people to give their best to their work.

The employer angle:

Instant feedback- Gamification allows team leads and supervisors to monitor their team’s performance vis-à- vis their long-terms goals, enabling them to offer faster feedback.
Identifies training needs- It is easy to identify team- members who are consistently performing below their potential in the games and tasks, so that training programmes can be designed to bring them up the curve. Promotes transparency- By sharing performances and results of employees for all to see, business owners demonstrate a spirit of fairness and transparency that may not be visible in the usual annual review system. Used judiciously and effectively, gamification might turn out to be a real game-changer for businesses trying to drive employee engagement in these challenging post- pandemic times when people’s collective morale is at an all-time low.

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