The ‘E’ word that is becoming the cornerstone of modern businesses

‘Empathy’ – sidelined for long as just a soft skill, is slowly transforming the course of business. In these challenging times, many forward-thinking CEOs have begun to truly realise the need for empathy as a core value, placing it right at the heart of their company’s culture.


It is here that technology plays a key role. In a world where millions of people are relying on virtual services more than ever before, technology enables you to digitalise your business and empower your employees to understand customer problems better, so that you can provide the best solutions in a timely manner.

Here are some ways in which technology helps you implement
empathy as a value in your business, from your products and
services to your daily communication and transactions:

Boosting customer-centricity

An intelligent and robust customer service model goes a long way in providing empathetic solutions to your customers’ problems. Be it advanced cloud-based contact centres designed with Conversational IVR and AI-based features, or a hybrid system comprising brick-and-mortar as well as contact centre services depending on the nature of your business, technology has revolutionised customer service in unprecedented ways.

Empowering your employees:

To build teams with empathy as their driving force, it is important to equip them with the tools and resources that help them do their jobs better. For instance, investing in or upgrading to automated, intuitive sales modules with predictive analytics and data-mining features enhances the effectiveness of your sales force leading to greater
productivity, more sales and increased customer loyalty.

Improving and evolving

Let’s face it. Mastering empathy is a continuous process and needs your constant attention. Modern sophisticated technology comes with built in feedback mechanisms, real-time monitoring options, data and insights so that you are aware of what is working and what is not when it comes to providing customer service based on empathy, helping in instant course-correction.

While you may have focused on empathy as a business trait all along, its far-reaching impact on various aspects of your business are only becoming more evident in today’s post-pandemic world.

With the right technological solutions and upgrades as briefly discussed here, you can turn empathy into a key differentiating factor in terms of how your customers perceive your brand vis-à-vis your competition.

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