The rise of the new - normal CEO

It’s not easy wearing a CEO’s hat, and it is definitely harder during troubled times. Naturally, most business owners weren’t prepared to face the tough challenges of operating in a pandemic, but to their credit have discovered the merit of using this time for reflection and adaptation.
As a result, a new kind of leadership is slowly emerging, one based on an empathetic understanding of human issues and transformative action towards solving those issues. CEOs are bidding adieu to many old habits and practices and welcoming a host of others, some of which are as follows:

EX and CX

With millions of customers resorting to virtual business worldwide, one thing is clear. Employees, especially your customer care teams, need the right training and resources to handle the spike without compromising on quality and losing morale. CEOs are realising that an improved EX (employee experience) leads to a superior CX (customer experience), leading them to upgrade their contact centres with the latest technology that empowers agents.

Unified Communication

In the absence of physical interactions, CEOs are pushing the boundaries of traditional communication means by investing in technology like UCaaS  and the cloud to maintain a steady flow of dialogue  across units and verticals. Not only within their companies, business leaders are also increasingly communicating, collaborating and sharing best practices with peers, necessistating teh use of latest technology  in unified communication communications.


Instead of doggedly pursuing goals with uncertain outcomes, CEOs are seizing the opportunity to reimagine the scope of their business. Problems are being identified as new sources of revenue, opening up new channels of growth and brands are venturing into territories they would have shunned or delayed otherwise. Decisions to automate specific functions and reskill the workforce to support the new vision are being undertaken at a rapid pace.


Aware that increased virtual communication is exposing their businesses to greater cybercrime risks, CEOs are pulling out all the stops to amp up cyber security. Experts are being called to design robust IT ecosystems equipped with advanced security solutions so that company data remains protected even as business continues as usual. Realtime monitoring tools along with instant updates ensure you always stay a step ahead of threats and breaches.

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